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I usually don’t write fan speculations but here we go. I feel like if Rick managed to get a love interest, it would be really depressing. We know he fell in love at some point with Beth’s mom but one way or another he just stopped caring about her which is a shitty thing for anybody to go through….

Or or or… And I know this is kinda dark but just bear with me: What if Beth’s mom died and he wasn’t able to save her with his scientific genius so that’s why he’s constantly drinking and so cynical about everything. It would also explain why “Doofus Rick” was so happy and sober because he mentioned he never had kids so he was “assigned a Morty” which would imply he never met Beth’s mom and didn’t go through the same tragedy as all the other Ricks. Just my theory.

And tonight’s reveal of the meaning of Wubalunadubdub seems to further validate my theory.

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